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Hang-free by NakedMind GmbH, Waldweg 10, 4312 Magden, Switzerland

10 Waldweg
Magden, AG, 4312

+41 79 817 45 40

Hangab ist die Methode zur Tiefen-Entspannung durch entspannendes Hängen. Ground oder Free Hanging Sessions.

Hangab is the method for deep relaxation. Ground or Free Hanging Sessions available.



“You do not look like a shaman, but this is what I would expect from one. Thank you.”

— D.M.

“I feel so much lighter”

— M.T.

Danke Andreas, es war eine tiefgehende Erfahrung! Ich schwebte im Raum und fühlte Weite, Freiheit und Frieden.
— M.R. | Dezember 2018

I felt absolutely comfortable in any moment of my journey.

— Senior Manager, Male


“I did work 2 years with a psychologist. It is unbelievable what you did in 3 hours.”

— L.G.


— M.L.


“Beyond esoteric shishi. A true experience.”

— L.I.

“Why did I ever start a therapy? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

— S.L.