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Hangab ist die Methode zur Tiefen-Entspannung durch entspannendes Hängen. Ground oder Free Hanging Sessions.

Hangab is the method for deep relaxation. Ground or Free Hanging Sessions available.



This area is about sharing stories how people felt during Hangab / Hangfree sessions. I ( Andreas ) am blogging also on topics like meditation, mindfulness and sometimes shamanic practices.

Topics in this blog are related to Body | Mind | Soul (Spirit)

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The Concept of „letting go“ and one true experience of how to do it in a Hangab Session.

Andreas Dittrich

During the hangab Session, you will experience how letting go really feels like.

Did you ever reach a point during „normal“ coaching sessions, the moment where the coach asks you to „let go“ but you have no idea how that feels like and not even how to do it?

To tell you the truth: Most coaches do not know how it feels like to do so. Why can I say that? Because I worked with many of them during my professional career.

Recent studies in the field of understanding the human mind let to the statement: You need to involve the body in order release and let go. There are a number of great techniques like Focusing developed by Eugene Gentling.

I really know how it feels to hold on to something. I guess this is why I travelled the world for the past 10 years to learn techniques how to release and let go.

I found it for myself - some years ago in a moment where I was not at all searching. But it took quite a „long“ time for me to discover it. Then I realized, that quite a large number of spiritual seekers are looking for a complete peace of mind. ( Which is not really possible to find while you are busy searching the way ;) )