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Hangab ist die Methode zur Tiefen-Entspannung durch entspannendes Hängen. Ground oder Free Hanging Sessions.

Hangab is the method for deep relaxation. Ground or Free Hanging Sessions available.



This area is about sharing stories how people felt during Hangab / Hangfree sessions. I ( Andreas ) am blogging also on topics like meditation, mindfulness and sometimes shamanic practices.

Topics in this blog are related to Body | Mind | Soul (Spirit)

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hang-free | hangab for kids

Andreas Dittrich


Is hang-free also a treatment for kids? Yes. I would definitely recommend this adventure. When I was a kid, I did love to hang around trees and enjoy the “other view”. I did ask my daughter for permission to post this picture of her. To protect her, I covered parts of her face but I think you can still see the calmness on her face during this hang-free Session.

These are very beautiful daddy - daughter moments, that I really enjoy.