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Hang-free by NakedMind GmbH, Waldweg 10, 4312 Magden, Switzerland

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Magden, AG, 4312

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Hangab ist die Methode zur Tiefen-Entspannung durch entspannendes Hängen. Ground oder Free Hanging Sessions.

Hangab is the method for deep relaxation. Ground or Free Hanging Sessions available.




Flow of a Session (Ground or Free)

Definition: hang-free (Hangab) is a technique developed by Hartmut Bez, where I turn you slowly upside down. This position allows your whole body to stretch and relax in a very deep way.

Inform yourself —> Book a Session) —> Feel Happiness —> Arrive —> hang free —> Letting.Go. —> Recommendation to friends (

3 elements of a hang-free Session:

Right after your booking you receive detailed infos about the upcoming session. What to wear during a session?


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Element 1: Define the Intent.

After your arrival, we clarify all open questions that you might have Then we define the intent of the hang-free session. What exactly do you want to let go?

Sometimes the intent of a hang-free session is only relaxation. That is totally fine too.

Do nothing at all. Purposely.

Element 2: The Session.

It’s time to start. I will carefully guide you through the next 50-70 minutes. Letting. Go! Your awareness is full on what is happening in the moment. Are there any sensations?

Hang-loose - Hang-free - Hangab

You can truly let go during this session.

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Element 3: Feel the difference.

After the “landing there is enough time for you to focus your awareness on what happened. You will realize a true change in your body.

The time after is very important. Please allow yourself some time after the session. Do not overload your day. Spend some time in nature if possible.