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Hang-free by NakedMind GmbH, Waldweg 10, 4312 Magden, Switzerland

10 Waldweg
Magden, AG, 4312

+41 79 817 45 40

Hangab ist die Methode zur Tiefen-Entspannung durch entspannendes Hängen. Ground oder Free Hanging Sessions.

Hangab is the method for deep relaxation. Ground or Free Hanging Sessions available.

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hang-free Setup in Hotels | Seminar Rooms

I am looking forward that I can give sessions in your location soon. For this special work I really need your support. And this is very much appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. +41 79 817 45 40 |

This is how a setup looks like.


What do I need?

  1. The set will be fixed with a carabiner - ideally around a beam. The beam must be able to carry 150kg.

  2. The ceiling height should be 2,80 and above.

  3. I need around 2,5-3m around the center to perform the session.

Optional Fixing for the set

Optional Fixing for the set